Election 2019 (Australia)

This is an ongoing project to provide a comprehensive list of resources for researching the parties running in the 2019 Federal Election in Australia. This will eventually include summaries of policy positions, major news stories, links to the parties’ websites and how-to-vote cards, and everything else that will help make life easier for voters who have not finalised their decision. It will be regularly updated over the course of the election as policies are announced or parties enter the race. These updates will generally be repeated on my social media, so check those out on the navigation bar.

The full list of parties (with website links)

Note: technically, we don’t know the full list of parties contesting the next election as of yet. This list will not be final until the AEC stops accepting new candidates. Also, this list does not include independent candidates (yet)—I may add some if they’re running in major marginal seats or the Senate for a State that matters (sorry Western Australia).

Single/Narrow-Issue Parties

Interest Group Parties

Populist Parties

(Editorial note: These parties are basically a scam set up for the financial benefit of their owners and donors. I implore any potential voters to try to avoid voting for these parties even if they sound appealing.)

“Independent” Groups

Far-Left/Ultra Progressive General Parties

Centre-Left/Progressive General Parties

Centre-Right/Conservative General Parties

Far-Right/Ultra Conservative General Parties

This particular category has been gradually hollowed out by the growth in the subsequent category.

Alt-Right/Racism Curious General Parties

More coming as the election progresses, bookmark this page and stick around!

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