It is essential to be consistent in our ethical approach to political challenges around the world, especially when they are at least partially our fault. Freedom of speech, thought and press are not privileges which should be exclusively reserved for fortunate white people.

‘Decapitation: Kubikiri Cycle (The Blue Savant and the Nonsense User)’ was the debut novel of the Japanese mystery and young-adult fiction author Ishin Nishio. It is a novel that has something to say, and is successful in saying it, but is still deeply enjoyable as a simple work of fiction.

After attending a debate between Douglas Murray and Dr. Cornel West in Sydney I learned some things: The debate was compelling and presented a template for how even quite radical intellectuals can disagree and still find mutual respect. Additionally, I learned that Newtown has an excellent bar and restaurant called Mary’s, you guys are the real MVPs.

I—as a sovereign human being—continue to reserve the right to wrongthink. It should be self-evident how dangerous it is to attempt to alter language in a propagandistic fashion. It is the central warning of George Orwell’s philosophy of plain, non-euphemised political writing. If the LGBTIQ+ movement is allowed to demand that we speak as though subjective perspectives of individuals are in fact objective truth, we will lose the words needed to express contrary opinions.